Divine Masterplan For Life


Home Page

I.  God, the World and the Church

   A.  Two Views of the Universe

            1.  God-centered

                 a.  Evidence for the existence of God

                 b.  Lessons from the Bible

            2.  Matter-centered

   B.  Six Levels of Existence               

            1.  Nature of non-living matter

            2.  Nature of living matter

                 a.  The plant and animal soul

                 b.  The human soul the purpose of life

            3.  Six levels of existence

   C.  The Church

            1.  Six tests showing Christ founded the Church and its teachings are free from error.

            2.  Evidence for accuracy of the gospel accounts.

            3.  Deposit of Faith - Scripture

                 a.  Reading the Bible

                         1)  Fundamentally 

                         2)  Historical

                         3)  Scientific

                         4)  Critical/Literal

                 b.  The Old Testament The Ten Words

                 c.  The New Testament

            4.  Deposit of Faith - Tradition

            5.  Deposit of Faith - Magisterium

            6.  Marks of the Church


II.  Life as a Child of God Increase in the Life of God (Grace)

   A.  Sacraments

            1.  Nature

            2.  Initiation

                 a.  Baptism

                 b.  Confirmation

                 c.  Holy Eucharist

            3.  Healing

                 a.  Confession (Reconciliation)
                          Suggested guides to assist in preparing to receive the sacrament
                 b.  Anointing of the Sick             

            4.  Service

                 a.  Matrimony

                 b.  Holy Orders

   B.  Sacramentals

            1.  Nature

            2.  Purpose

            3.  Value

   C.  Indulgences

            1.  Nature

            2.  Partial

                 a.  Effect

                 b.  Conditions to receive

                 c.  Means available to us

            3.  Plenary

                 a.  Effect

                 b.  Conditions to receive

                 c.  Means available to us

                 d.  Restrictions to obtaining

   D.  Virtues

            1.  Natural Virtues

                 a.  Physical

                 b.  Mental

            2.  Supernatural Virtues

                 a.  Theological

                         1)  Faith

                         2)  Hope

                         3)  Charity

                              a)  Corporal Works of Mercy

                              b)  Spiritual Works of Mercy

                 b.  Moral Virtues

                         1)  Prudence

                         2)  Justice

                         3)  Fortitude

                         4)  Temperance

                         5)  Patriotism

                         6)  Filial Piety

                         7)  Obedience

                         8)  Veracity

                         9)  Liberality

                       10)  Patience

                       11)  Humility

                       12)  Purity

   E.  Gifts of the Holy Spirit

            1.  Wisdom

            2.  Understanding

            3.  Counsel

            4.  Fortitude

            5.  Knowledge

            6.  Piety

            7.  Fear of the Lord

   F.  Fruits of the Holy Spirit

            1.  Charity

            2.  Joy

            3.  Pace

            4.  Patience

            5.  Benignity

            6.  Goodness

            7.  Long-suffering

            8.  Mildness

            9.  Faith

         10.  Modesty

         11.  Continence

         12.  Chastity of single persons

         13.  Chastity of married persons

   G.  Beatitudes

   H.  Miracles

   I.    Saints
  J.   The Mass


III.  Life as a Child of God Decrease in the Life of God (Sin)

   A.   Nature of sin

   B.   Kinds of sin

            1.  Original Sin

            2.  Capital Sins
                  a.  Pride
                          1)  Excessive love of one's own excellence
                                a)  Contempt for lawful authority
                                b)  Contempt for one's equal and inferiors
                                c)  Desire to surpass one's equals
                  b.  Covetousness
                          1)  The excessive desire for wealth
                  c.  Lust
                          1)  Bodily pleasure experienced through the genital organs
                          2)  Through physical union of two persons of same or opposite sex
                  d.  Anger
                          1)  An emotion of extreme displeasure out of all proportion to the offence (a venial sin}
                          2)  May lead to mortal sins of blasphemy or scandal. 
                          3)  Desire to impose immoderate punishment (revenge)
                  e.  Gluttony
                          1)  Eating food or drink in excess beyond normal health needs
                  f.   Envy
                          1)  Sadness because of another's good, especially if thought of as lessening our own
                          2)  Often leads to brooding over our sufferings, creation of ill-will against others
                          3)  May lead to revenge or open violence
                  g.  Sloth
                          1)  Lack of desire to do good
                          2)  Choice not to help others dependent on us
            3.  Actual Sin

                 a.  Venial

                         1)  Conditions
                               a) Not a grave matter
                               b) If grave matter, honest lack of understanding or consent by the will is lacking

                         2)  Effect - Does not deprive the soul of sanctifying grace

                         3)  Removal - Prayer or other good works

                 b.  Mortal

                         1)  Conditions
                               a) Breaking the moral law in a serious matter
                               b) Clear understanding of the matter's seriousness
                               c)  Free and full consent to the matter
                         2)  Effect
                               a)  Deprives one's soul of its supernatural life of sanctifying grace
                               b)  Deserves eternal punishment
                               c)  Is a deliberate act of rebellion against the Majesty of God 

                         3)  Removal
                               a) Through the Sacrament of Confession 


IV.  The Last Things

   A.  Death

   B.  Judgment

            1.  Particular - Purgatory is a state of cleansing some may require to remove minor faults in preparation for Heaven.

            2.  General - Assignment of all individuals to reside in Heaven or Hell forever (eternity).

   C.  Heaven - An existence of eternal happiness with God.  

   D.  Hell - An existence of eternal suffering, pain and regret without God. 


V.   Prayer - Lifting of the heart and mind to God