II. F. Increase in the Life of God - Fruits of the Holy Spirit

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F.   Fruits of the Holy Spirit - Result from our cooperation with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.   Good 

      attitudes are formed which encourage us to practice the following:


            ۰  Charity – Actions driven by love for God and neighbor.

            ۰  Joy – Helps a person serve God cheerfully.

            ۰  Peace – The mind is untroubled in face of spiritual or temporal trials.

            ۰  Patience – Bear the trials of life with resignation to God’s will, not giving in to sadness.

            ۰  Benignity – Kindness, gentleness, sympathy, wishing well for others.

            ۰  Goodness – Something is pleasing because its worth and value flows from God. 

            ۰  Long-suffering – Christian endurance of evils over a long period of time out of love for God.

            ۰  Mildness – Gentleness but not softness without strength.

            ۰  Faith – Believe all that God has revealed because he can neither deceive nor be deceived.

            ۰  Modesty – Moderation in all things, behavior and dress, respect for one’s worth.

            ۰  Continence – Voluntarily with one’s partner abstain from legitimate marital intercourse.

            ۰  Chastity -

                    Single persons – Exclude all indulgence in and voluntary pleasure from the sexual  act.

           Married persons – Control of the sexual appetite according to right reason.  Intercourse

                                         between husband with lawful wife is chastity.