II. D. Increase in the Life of God - Virtues


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D.   Virtues - perfections

     1.  Natural Virtues - Ways of acting which we can accomplish ourselves for our own physical and

           mental well-being.

     a.   Physical
For a sound body.

     b.   Mental
For a sound mind. 

 2.  Supernatural Virtues


Are helps for acting in ways not possible using the Natural Virtues alone.  These are gifts from God for our spiritual well-being.


      a.  Theological Virtues

Habits of thought and action which have God as their object.  Through the perfecting power of God’s grace, we are motivated toward attitudes above those which are merely natural.  God’s supernatural life encourages us toward actions inspired by:

           1)   Faith - To firmly believe all truths God has revealed, on the Word of God revealing them,     

                              because he can neither deceive nor be deceived.

           2)   Hope - To trust that God will provide the means for our salvation.

           3)   Charity - To love God with your whole heart and mind, our neighbor as yourself out of love
                                 for God.

                a)      Corporal Works of Mercy - Works of Charity for my neighbor’s physical well-being.

                         ۰  I must feed the hungry.

                         ۰  I must give drink to the thirsty.

                         ۰  I must clothe the naked.

                         ۰  I must shelter the homeless.

                         ۰  I must visit the sick.

                         ۰  I must visit the imprisoned.

                         ۰  I must bury the dead.

                 b)     Spiritual Works of Mercy - Spiritual Works of Mercy for my neighbor’s spiritual well-being.

                              ۰  I must counsel the doubtful.

                         ۰  I must instruct the ignorant.

                         ۰  I must admonish the sinner.

                         ۰  I must comfort the sorrowful.

                         ۰  I must forgive injuries.

                         ۰  I must bear wrongs patiently.

                         ۰  I must pray for the living and the dead.

       b.  Moral Virtues (Cardinal – most important, upon which others depend).  - We deal with other 

            persons and things as directed by our love of God, in cooperation with his grace, and according to

            his will.

           1)   Prudence - Helps me to decide what is truly good.

           2)   Justice - Helps me to give everyone his due.

                3)   Fortitude - Helps me to overcome difficulties in going good and avoiding evil.

                4)   Temperance - Helps me to be moderate in the use of food, drink and legitimate pleasures.

                5)   Additional Virtues

                     ۰  Patriotism – Love of one’s country to the extent of giving up life for its defense subject to


                     ۰  Filial Piety – Respect as a child of God for God the Father, for our parents, and for those in


                     ۰  Obedience – Recognize and carry out the orders of a legitimate superior.  Sinful commands
                                              may never be followed.

                     ۰  Veracity – Saying in speech what one honestly believes to be true.

                     ۰  Liberality – Generosity in material, spiritual and intellectual gifts.

                     ۰  Patience – Endure the trials of life in resignation to God’s will without despair.

                     ۰  Humility – An appreciation and external expression of one’s true position to God and neighbor.

                     ۰  Purity – Freedom from sin in soul, heart, conscience, motive or intention.