II. E. Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Increase in the Life of God


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E.  Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Given to us as He dwells in our soul prompting us to be holy.


a.   Wisdom

To find joy in the things of God and judge everything according to Godís standards.

b.   Understanding

Helps me to grasp and appreciate the mysteries of Godís love for us.

c.   Counsel

Helps me to see what is best for the glory of God, for mine and my neighborís salvation.   Supernatural common sense.

d.   Fortitude

Permits one to face the evils he dreads.

e.    Knowledge

Helps me to recognize the value of created things as they point toward God.

f.    Piety

Helps me to love and respect God out of love rather than duty.

g.   Fear of the Lord

Helps to respect and follow Godís laws because he is our father rather than out of fear.